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Lily is absolutely amazing. I can not recommend her enough! She is not only incredibly knowledgeable and skilled, but extremely compassionate. You can tell that she truly cares about all of her patients and cherishes her work. I wasn't sure how acupuncture would help me when I first scheduled an appointment, and now I can't imagine my life without it.


Absolutely amazing! I wish I could give more stars. Whether you need emotional/ physical healing or just some self care. I would highly recommend!


When I walk in to a session with Lily, I immediately feel myself relax. Lily's presence is so grounding and reassuring. She's very knowledgeable, patient, and real. I love that she dials in and accomplishes so much with just a few acupuncture needles. When I was pregnant, she would also rub my feet and add in some acupressure, and it was so incredibly relaxing! Lily also introduced me to cupping as a way to relieve years-old tension in my shoulders, and I could not believe how much relief I felt after just ten minutes of that treatment - it felt like a deep tissue massage from the inside out! And finally, one of the best parts about working with Lily has been her coaching. I leave my sessions not only feeling relaxed and grounded, but also with a manageable, organized actions list to keep myself on track with my health intentions without feeling overwhelmed. Thank you, Lily!


Lily is the most amazing, caring healer I've ever had the fortune of knowing. She's intuitive and talented at what she does. Every minute spent at New Life feels uplifting and rejuvenating.


I am so grateful to New Life Acupuncture Clinic for healing me! I highly recommend seeing Lily for acupuncture treatments. She is so kind and a delight to be around.


I have been receiving acupuncture for over forty years. Lily is my daughter, but my opinion of her work is unbiased. She has that sincere caring about the person she is working with that instills a sense of trust, a much-needed quality in this field. She seems to have an intuition for how to treat her patient as the results I've experienced have been wonderful.


I highly recommend scheduling to see Lily. She is a gifted woman who creates a safe place to be vulnerable about all areas of your health. She strives to understand, reassure, and provide solutions. She advocates for your well being, dedicates her time to make you feel heard, and goes above an beyond in creating an experience that is both knowledgable and healing. Not only does she provide an outstanding service but she also provides you tools to continue your process and helps you feel empowered to take ahold of creating a vibrant health life for yourself. I will recommend her to everyone I know!


My treatment really worked. I haven't felt soreness in the areas you treated. I am left speechless... Thank you! Thank you, Lily. You really know your field. I am so grateful for your expertise!


Lily, you are one of the few positives I look forward to in the midst of this. I cried cuz I just wanted something or someone to provide relief and/or comfort. I appreciate your efforts and you've been caring, friendly, willing to help.


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